Walking Groningen

In June 2017 Nick Shepherd and Christian Ernsten walked with lecturers of the Reinwardt Academy, staff of Imagine IC and others along a series of earthquakes sites in the province of Groningen.


We passed by Plaats Melkema, the monumental farm house that is now closed down and owned by the Netherlands Natural Gas Company.



The church of the village of Huizinge. This village was the epicentrum of the 2012 earthquake.

At the Living Room Cafe of Westerwijtwerd, research Jan Dirk Gardernier presented on the socio-cultural context of the region. The cafe recently re-opened after a long renovation from amongst others eart quake damage.


And then we passed by buildings in steel frames or with fake chimneys on the way towards Onderdendam.


Finally, we took a whisper boat along the ruin of the old stone factory close to Winsum. The Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed recently advised to make ruins from heritage too costly to safe in Groningen.