Postamble, a peer reviewed journal on African Studies, published in 2017 five essays by participants of the 2015 Cape Town curatorial residency. Some of these essays were written in response to images taken during the residency and offered to the authors by photographer Barry Christianson

Shepherd, N. & C. Ernsten (2017), ‘Reasoning, Emotioning, Dreaming. Introduction to the 2015 Cape Town Curatorial Residency‘ in Postamble 10.1.

Singh, M. (2017), ‘Sun and Fog‘ in Postamble 10.1.

Twidle, H. (2017), ‘Nuclear Summer‘ in Postamble 10.1.

Damon, W. (2017) ‘Groente vir die Pot‘ in Postamble 10.1. (Wilfred Damon is the father of Ilze Wolff who participated in the residency and presented this story.)

Shepherd, N. (2017) ‘Swimming across Table Mountain‘ in Postamble 10.1.