Winter School in collaboration with ARTIS Zoo

In collaboration with ARTIS Zoo in Amsterdam we organized the Reinwardt Academy‘s Winter School, from 8 to 12 January. Master of Museology students explored the role of zoos in the ongoing Anthropocene epoch.

This is the brief the students received in the beginnging of the Winter School: “In a period when the earth and its ecosystems are being subjected to defining human influence, it is of relevant interest to examine the role and position of zoos. How are they responding to the challenges surrounding biodiversity and climate change? What form should a zoo take in the Anthropocene?”

Students worked on issues as  what are the reciprocal relations between not only various species, but also between animals, plants, the park, and visiting children and adults? What kind of encounters take place between people and animals? What does the term ‘decolonisation’ mean in the context of zoos? How do we experience the zoo if we use all our senses? And what is the role of the zoo in the city?

The Winter School was led by Nick Shepherd and Christian Ernsten as well as dance animateur Nicola Visser, DAS Graduate School’s Rose Akras. Please find below a visual report with photographs by Dirk-Jan Visser.