The projects listed here are ongoing and are in various states of completion, from full publication to work in progress.


The Mirror in the Ground is a project of Nick Shepherd, and was carried out in collaboration with staff and students from the Centre for Curating the Archive at the University of Cape Town. Pippa Skotnes and Siona O’Connell played key roles in shaping and curating the project, and Niek de Greef designed the book and website. The book launch and exhibition took place in the Centre for African Studies Gallery of the University of Cape Town in May 2015, and Imraan Coovadia gave the opening address.


Walking Table Mountain with Walter Mignolo is an account of the Cape Town Curatorial Residency, carried out on December 2016 with preparatory work in December 2015 and throughout the year. The CT Curatorial Residency brought together scholars, creative artists, curators and activists from Cape Town, Sweden, Australia, India and the Netherlands for a week of walking, conversation and joint work, around the theme of “nature/ cultures of Table Mountain”. The CT Curatorial Residency was a joint project of the Decolonial Working Group of the University of Cape Town and the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies of the University of Gothenburg.


From Cave to Screen is an ongoing digital heritage project focused on rock art sites in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape. 

Visual Report Berlin Walking Seminar

This post are some randomn photos by photographer Sophie Seydel of the March 2017 walking residency in Berlin

Meaning Making Through Subjective Connections

by Sinem Cerrah   What would be the first feeling about Berlin for the one who had never lived there? Would she love it? Or hate it? Maybe nothing. She might find it beautiful, or influential, or exhausting, or dreary. Maybe too contemporary! Let’s change the question a little bit: What would be a connection… Read more…

Five Fragments In the Presence of Absence

By Lea Grüter    My family is from the West of Germany. I never experienced this as clearly as during our stay in Berlin. Germany for me, most of the time was Germany. The GDR was something which existed in history books, “Ampelmännchen” and German movies as “Goodbye Lenin” or “The Lives of Others”. When I… Read more…

A Personal Metro Map

By Christiane Lindner      This is a metro map of West Berlin. You can easily tell, because it shows both the western and the eastern part of the city. The map for East Berlin only shows eastern services. It is funny how, just through looking at the maps, you can tell how different peoples’… Read more…


Postamble, a peer reviewed journal on African Studies, published in 2017 five essays by participants of the 2015 Cape Town curatorial residency. Some of these essays were written in response to images taken during the residency and offered to the authors by photographer Barry Christianson.  Shepherd, N. & C. Ernsten (2017), ‘Reasoning, Emotioning, Dreaming. Introduction to the 2015… Read more…

From Cave to Screen: digital heritage project

Form Cave to Screen is a digital heritage project, focused on rock art site records from the Western Cape. Carried out with assistance form the UCT Library and the IZIKO South African Museum, it has been described as a “path breaking collaboration”. Read more here.

When the hand that holds the trowel is black

The secret history of archaeology in Africa is the history of ‘native’ labour. It is the story of those men (and they were almost always men) who dug, sieved, sorted, located sites and ‘finds’, fetched and carried, pitched camp, cooked and served food, negotiated with local chiefs and suppliers, and assisted in the interpretation of… Read more…

In a cave near Tarkastad in the Eastern Cape

In 1927 the archaeologist John Goodwin took his Cambridge mentor, Myles Burkitt, on a  grand tour of southern Africa to look at archeological sites. In the Eastern Cape they stopped at a cave not far from the site of what history books call the Bulhoek Massacre. Read more here.

The ruins of Red Hill Village

The Cape Town Curatorial Residency brought together scholars, artists, curators and activists for one week of transdisciplinary conversation, collaboration and shared work. Read more here.

Soundtrack Bijlmer

Together with artist Michiel Huijsman of the Soundtrackcity initiative Reinwardt students visited the Bijlmer and especially the site of the 1992 Bijlmer disaster. Together they did a audio mapping exercise of that area of the Bijlmer.